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Wang Xiao said about handling technology, also said public move Porter technology best, because at the time of furniture doesn't disassemble, corridors and narrow, piece of furniture to move down the left and turn right to find the angle, very difficult. Move then was convertible, customers House old, three-door wardrobe is as a whole, there is coal and water tanks, pickle jar, and so on, are usually heavy. Now, people's living standards improved, wardrobe can be removed, move a few packs of clothes, boxes of books, appliances, pots and pans and buy new ones. But then again, living standards have improved, some things, mattress width, generally used to be 1.5 meters wide, is now 1.8 meters wide and 2.0 m wide, fish also tend to be larger, and piano.

"today's furniture disassembly and Assembly, and design taking into account household problem, but expensive, and quite different, we afford broken, so our request is also high. "Li said. According to him, they now have a special "tool" is a very solid moving rope, when used to head, tied to its furniture two-thirds position, moving up very easily. Screwdrivers and impact drill of dismantling furniture, in addition, there are special sofa, mattress cover, piano. Li said: "before we move the piano is four people had a difficult time, very tiring, especially when the high floors and stairs is quite narrow, we moved much more professional now, and find a lot of tips, the piano moved very labor-saving and safe after the condom.

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