On the current situation in Shanghai, home cleaning, cleaning move

with the rapid development of the national economy, Twelve-Five planning--concerned about people's livelihood, exquisite innovation in construction in Shanghai Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai idea of happiness under the guidance of, the life of ordinary people played an unprecedented increase, people live and work in educational development business by leaps and bounds. People's spiritual and material life has new changes would people rely on for service industries, home cleaning, cleaning moving demand is also increasing.

social demand is born of this industry, and Shanghai City, large and small record and not notified domestic cleaning company, cleaning companies, moving companies and many more guerrillas, thus causing market turmoil and conflict. Cleaning/domestic network with Thai moving service center in Shanghai will be from the following areas to discuss with members of Shanghai current situation in domestic cleaning, cleaning of moving:

due to social of supervision and publicity efforts enough, led to this industry quality high of not willing to do, and willing to do of quality low is and not willing to accept training, actually Wen Prime Minister in September 1, 2010 presided over held State Executive Conference, research deployment development family services of policy measures on proposed Government to support and specification this industry, to solution part people of employment problem, to into pull domestic demand of industry pillar.

Shanghai's basic situation is generally good company because of earlier accumulated most of them into property management and flower care, the reason for this is the remuneration of employees in the industry to constantly improve from 2006 to 30 yuan per day to 100 Yuan a day today, rising more than 300%, and with the customer's price 1.5 to 2.5 today only float 100%, so that profits are meager. With a household cleaning, for example, 100 square cleaning fee is 250 Yuan, need 2 people to do salary is 200 Yuan a day, plus one lunch 20, plus taxes and administrative expenses and management fees of nearly 9%, almost no profit. If doing a unit must have the network, there are unspoken rules. Second is the industry copies easy, with a little technology can make your own orders, this caters to partially cheap customers, causing a lot of contradictions and disputes, such as loss and damage to objects and service quality is good or bad, most typical is a clean range hood let a lot of people talk about color change.

and not to part of the property management company was struggling, SEI, coupled with weak security awareness and consciousness of risk prevention, if an accident occurs, hard years, answered in a single night before liberation.

the cruel reality, giving rise to a lot of vicious competition, network with the media is throwing more money, some nearly put about 200,000 a year, network marketing is the development trend of society, there is no doubt, and they made a lot of us. Is but a small part of the network operator to cater to consumers, online advertising without strict scrutiny, even the people's business address is not clear, let alone what business licenses and other low price make a network taking the money on the line, and some are not independent but linked the Web site, click on the circles also let them. So a lot of people believe that the Internet and media, get the service is unsatisfactory. Which caused the network information all over the place, people confused who to choose?

so recommends everyone in do network media publicity Shi select some compared formal of, and visibility compared high of brand businesses, comes can guarantee quality, second also can while improve we himself of visibility, to people a satisfaction of service, also hope Shanghai some well-known company (as public, and ideal, and mass, and Shun up, and ARIMA, and with Thai,) League business, resources shared, benefit win-win.

believe that this industry will be in State-led, Government supports self-regulation of development road is getting better, so that people trust, employee's favor, their comfort, service, services, social, service, Enterprise, serve the residents, true for livelihood projects to make our due responsibilities and obligations.

above represent the personal views, I hope you explore!

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