Gong Xing moving on moving process of trouble

remember our workers to Pingshan moving experiences, as I am a staff member of the moving company, the memory of the things still feel aggrieved. A Miss Chen and I contact you want to move, via email, I give her the price, phone have booked more than one moving expenses and time. Next day after the workers arrived, and another went to a moving company, surnamed Huang to our workers back, and get out that moving companies to help them move, we workers do not understand that, and we wear is clothing workers, and in his hand was a quote, replete with documents such as contracts, the moving company is nothing.

later came to understand, is that they called the two moving company, that a price cheaper than us, we Miss Liu, Xu Xian is another, Mr Tsui's brothers, tone of fierce, almost of our workers were beaten, thanks to Miss Liu held,,,

our workers can be a strength, but can sell pride, cheap moving companies are not necessarily professional, it is not necessarily the best choice for customers.

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