Gong Xing moved employees finger behind bring meditation

moved process in the often will appeared some things lost of phenomenon, and if is special precious of things, processing up on compared trouble, now many people are is please moved company help moved, so once found things lost is natural will Lenovo to moved of people is has what feline, but "stole" after all is a is serious of words, no does of evidence don't easily will this words buckle in a a people of body, or as caused of personality insult and heart trauma will is great of.

recently, the moving company employees in order to prove his innocence the shocking scene! Gong Xing moving company employee owners to move among the owners found 20,000 yuan worth of jewelry was missing. Moving company employee Li and Liu accused owners of other things. 11th at noon, moving company boss for the two of them in the course of work, Liu suddenly walked out of the door into the next room the kitchen and returned with a knife and cut off his left index finger to prove his innocence. It is his 44 year old's birthday.

"if my fingerprints on a jewelry box, I would like to take the consequences, I am willing to go to jail. "Yesterday, the finger man, Liu said.

     finger behind the profound things to people to think about our society.

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