Feels good to be moving

on June 18, with more than more than 30 college students moved into the new House, when when we walked into the new bedroom, room, bathroom finishing order, a feeling of being taken seriously, everybody smiles on the faces of the Sun-like smile.

planned 7:30, Office car for we moved, but we seems to early, not urgent has, early in the on began Pack things, little to new hostel moved, although everyone things are many, and also is tired, but everyone are not forget "stretch head", you help I, and I help you, looked at each other and a laugh, a sentence "Thanks", end road not heart of thousand was grateful. Rarely meet colleagues, although in the past, but when trouble comes, farms, the Department has narrowed the distance between up and down. Especially in our dorm, we all just come together less than a month, the four girls because we are worried about, wondering who in his heart to help, and who can help themselves. Unity is strength, four of us unite as sisters, with the help of colleagues, whom he "extended head", he then "stretch top leaders" when all the difficulties is no longer difficult.

are you the "outstretched hand", so I think you are a good person

are you the "outstretched hand" let the distance is not far away, and let me to you socks off

are you inadvertently "outstretched hand", in your opinion, what may not be, but I have deep down in my heart

are you the "outstretched hand",  We are not familiar with become friends

solidarity of atmosphere let each personal face Shang full with smile, happy zhiyu let I reminds University of when with moved of stories, Miss University Shi simple of feelings, pure of friendship, wants to wants to into social of this years and colleagues along, also no where different, relationship also is as simple, as of pure, as long as you honest friends, friends to as of sincere feedback you.

in this city without relatives, friends are the only thing you have to rely on

in the family is not around when, remember that friends will help you through

your loss, not choice when more than one friend road

friends are friends! Friends are people willing to reach out and help you with your difficulties;

friends are glad when you can and share with you happy and sad for your worry; when you're disappointing a loss, give you confidence and strength in your success when joy, share your joy and victory.

walking in this world alone, without parents, not be without friends; no money and not be boneless. The ancients said: "without our friends, but the lonely burrow and be ignorant of. ”

Yes, when the time to spend with friends, some pros and cons weigh friends, gains and losses determine my best pal. Natural, mixed with the selfishness of friends never pure. So, friends and lack of confidence, lack of good faith. In the false mask of Hello my good fake smile full of intrigue, mercenary. Yes, you might say, the market economy, the friends ' feeling is to use economic leverage to measure. Thus, under the huh, look at the world, friend of the rich are rich, the poor man's friend is poor. No wonder our lives, many friends, missing is a friend of adversity; for unfamiliar users we can open ourselves up to the bare bottom of privacy, of familiar friends are secretive, for fear of "divulging secrets" got himself into trouble. Only with happiness but not with the friends of adversity, that is not a friend, or just some false friends. True friends are with money can't buy.

some say multiple friends in more way;  someone said friends tube gun;  some say more with fewer friends a friends wall less ... ...

   Einstein said: "the most beautiful things in the world than a few minds and hearts are just real friends. ”

   takes all the boundless, Red Dust billowing, friends can meet each other, to come together, mutual understanding, mutual understanding and approaching each other, it is fate.

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