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really wanted to move, rising health costs ten dollars last month, also rose 30 rent this month, speed is too card, two 4-Gigabit network over more than 20 online, QQ harder, let alone into space, hope and family with a network cable. Landlord does not agree, can't get anything, pay the $ 40 net per month, so not worth it.

not too move troubles and easy parking downstairs, I would have moved out. Landlord is not in good faith, after a year, she said you as long as I live, I you-free January rent a year, but from now on. To the last two years, to her, after she says don't raise my rent is calculated, I don't talk to her about. Now she says to increase the rent, said nothing had risen, she rose, I said how do you speak without words, she says you don't want to let Gong Xing moved away. Her rent is always the highest price in this area, which is convenient and easy parking. Since this building, I was one of the first residents moved here now for nearly three years, you think. Moved who wants to move it? Alas! Fend off the bad taste is! If would like to make some money in Shenzhen, home to how comfortable it is! Three three-story buildings on an empty man.

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