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recently, life is a bit confusing, moving company in Shanghai with the help of moving fast for a week, now I am still in a State of stupefaction.

the move process is very long. Since last month's signing of contracts by more than more than 20 in the mediation that began, we slowly moved out. Sadness is that we moved almost two weeks later, after the new House is stuffed with things, I found that, like something used to live inside the House, it seems no less. So now, moved here after a week, it still did not sell out of the room, and sad thing is, I feel like I don't know where to start.

saying every time when we move, I said, MOM's strong, I don't know when she started collecting so many things. Every time when we move, I think, I have to get those things out, never leaving, knowing that according to the experience of the last move is, we lived in the House for nearly two years, a lot of things not seen anything at all. However, when I went to put the pile of things at a time, I will find, looks like my mom collected stuff, in fact, are valuable. Shaped like all kinds of Nice pots, some paper is good, picture is also very beautiful magazine, and all sorts of junk. What does none of these things seem to use, but losing will feel pity. Every time I want to throw those things all the time, and I think actually, maybe these things and then it will be useful, and maybe my mom was collecting these things, a lot of thought into it, so every time I plan to lose those things are lost, even I will every now and then some miscellaneous stuff. So look, I totally have the potential to follow in my mother's footsteps, even bluer than it. However, this status is kind of scary.

actually this kind of habit, it's not worth promoting, with my sister, my mother collects all waste products. But it is clear that my mom has virtually formed the influential to me, and this influence is really low. It seems that quite a few subtle role really. However, in many cases, I suspect, looks like my mom told me the impact is negative, I'm wondering why, I virtually learned those bad things, like gossips, nagging, collecting things, seems like her strengths that are not absorbing it. It seems my evil is strong, dedicated to absorb other people's shortcomings. Looks like I need to think about.

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