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Shanghai Gong Xing moved field limited is by Shanghai City Bureau approved registered of a professional of Shanghai moved company, is   specifically engaged in moved, and transport, and services of Shanghai moved company, and Shanghai moved field company, and public XING moved, and Gong Xing moved field, and public XING moved company, and Gong Xing moved field company, and Shanghai Public XING moved, and Shanghai Gong Xing moved field, and Shanghai Public XING moved company, and Shanghai Gong Xing moved field company of private enterprise. Business can engage in all kinds of complex lifting, handling, repair and maintenance, installation of air conditioning equipment to dredge, also participate in many schools, factories, enterprises and residential community with a full range of property management services. Companies have been growing, and currently has a variety of vehicles more than 40 films, all craftsman employs more than 80 people, was larger in Shanghai moving company.

since its inception in 1999 already have hoisting and transport vehicles, and trained a group of experienced, high quality and high level of employees. Has won the 2004 national quality, services model integrity unit.   Gong Xing Shanghai Shanghai moving, moving companies are committed to exploring, moving study of Shanghai, Shanghai gongxing moving development, professional to undertake a long short-Pudong moved moved moved moved, Shanghai, Shanghai, Pudong, moving, Office moving, heavy lifting and shifting services such as air conditioning, long-distance freight transport, Assembly and disassembly. Shanghai City's 24-hour freight car service, other provinces and implement insurance check. Design decoration of homes, factories, shops, offices, water and electricity installation, kitchen renovation, grey paint, water trap. Size does. Construction first, pay later.

Gong Xing Shanghai moving company specializing in distribution: for the long-term needs of shipping companies provide fixed-size people, receiving goods and handling personnel services, price negotiable.   Professional staff, one-step service, with first-class quality and efficiency of services, take you into the new environment. Your satisfaction is our pursuit.   Shanghai Gong Xing move company with sincere customer service has won widespread support and admiration, in the new year we will continue to adhere to the "customer first" principle to new and old customers with first-class service. Recent relocation industry in Shanghai City, aims to be influential and professional top moving companies. Therefore we demand that each and every employee of every work and strive to achieve excellence. We strive for every time the quality of service, every time the efficiency of the service.  

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